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Parent Workshops

From Reading to Resilience, there's a way to play

Improv your child's RAM

It’s a time when, as parents, we don’t have the answers, but we know the tools we want to equip our kids with: Resilience, Adaptability, and a Mindset that enables them to learn and grow no matter what the situation. That’s where improv comes in: because, at its heart, improv is the practice of taking any information at all and turning it into something useful. 

In this parent-to-parent workshop, we’re going to use improv games to address how our kids are taking on their schoolwork, the challenges of socializing, and the frustrations of collaborating while working online. You’ll leave this workshop with actionable “games” that will get your kids saying “Yes, And” to the adventures presented to them in our new normal.

DTrue Play Improv & FoHi Improv Present_


Improv Mindset for Math. In a study at the University of Chicago, emotional awareness and control was shown to be just as important to a student's success as talent, and a mindset of "What can I learn" from this problem is far more important than "how do I solve it."In this workshop, we use improvisation to recognize and guide our emotions, and to encourage the sense of "getting lost so we can find our way". We give parents tools to help our kids in math EVEN WHEN WE DON'T KNOW THE ANSWERS OURSELVES.


Word Play

Improv for Reading. Here's an interesting stat: in Scholastic's Kids and Family Reading Report, 83% of kids aged 6-17 either like or LOVE being read to. Reading with our kids is a fantastic way to stay close.In this workshop, we use improv and storytelling tools to develop expressive reading skills - whether you're reading to your kids or helping them along their reading journeys. We play with environment and character. We practice skills to improve retention, active listening, and to make reading even more fun, so that your kids can't wait to open up their next book with you.


LAL: Listen, Agree, and Laugh

In LAL Workshops, parents get a chance to talk and play grown-up to grown-up, and discuss the ideas behind the exercises. It's still fast-paced and interactive - while giving both a conceptual understanding of the principles of communication and live, fun practice in different ways to share them with your kids.It's an energizing workshop filled with laughter and shared experiences: from parents to parents.

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