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One on One Coaching

Parent Coaching

Are you a parent struggling with fully engaging during play time? Need some new strategies to make reading time more fun? Looking for games to play that will increase you and your child's resilience, adaptability & foster a growth mindset? If you have to play a kitten or a puppy one more time, are you going to lose your mind?  


True Play offers one-on-one parent coaching that will help you have actionable games to play right away!


In one-on-one parent coaching, we use play-based parenting tools for stronger communication skills to help diffuse those tense moments of struggle throughout the day.​

Together we can identify those rough spots and come up with play-based techniques to get your kiddos to brush their teeth without a fight or make dinner time a true place of family connection.

Why Play Based Coaching?

Play is the child's language and …


  • Play is the way we can help ourselves and our children to connect in a positive way.

  • Play is the way we can help ourselves and our kids express our emotions and think creatively. 

  • Play is what our kids are begging us to do. Let’s make the most of it.

One-on-One sessions are for parents of kids 3 and up. At this time, communication becomes critical between parents and kids. 

Family Playdates are for families with kids of all ages..

Reach out to to schedule your 15 minute free consult today!

Family Playdates

In a Family Playdate, you gather everyone to play games that help your family LAL (Listen, Agree & Laugh) together. Your kids will be thrilled that you are playing these silly fun games with them without ever realizing that they are building a growth mindset. So become a family of superheroes who like tacos, enjoy a game of invisible tug of war and tell a story one word at a time!

This is a great way to infuse some fun into family time. 

The family that laughs together stays together. 

Sessions are 30 or 45 minutes and occur on Zoom. 


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